Payment Related Topics

What is
PettaMiner™ is an ambitious, fast growing software and hardware engineering company focused on delivering high quality and reliable Bitcoin / SHA-256 mining hardwares.

PettaMiner™ provide everyone with the possibility to generate and “mine” bitcoins from their home or warehouse. But not just bitcoins, with our miners you can mine more than 50% of the digital currencies (SHA-256) on the market. And all of those currencies, convert into dollars via exchanges or your bitcoin wallet.

Our development team have a hands on approach and a proven track record of generating and implementing solutions. We undertake a variety of projects which helps us creating a rewarding place for our family of developers while delivering fair profits to the company.

As of July 2014 we operate three cloud mining farms, that are located, 2 farms in Hong Kong, 1 in China.

How can I pay?
You can pay your miner or mining contract with Creditcards, Paypal, Bitcoins or Bank Wire Transfer.
Your pricing is in which currency?
All our pricing is in USD.
Do you accept PayPal or Credit Cards?
Yes we welcome you use Paypal for payment. If you already have an existing PayPal account, make sure to select PayPal as your payment option during checkout. If you do not have a PayPal account, Sign Up for PayPal Now
I wish to make a wire transfer. What are your bank details?
Yes, we accept Bank Wire Transfer :-
Account Name: Pacific Cloud Computing Limited
Account Number: 364311969001
Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank Limited
Bank Address: 83 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 852.21231088

Company address:
Pacific Cloud Computing Limited
18D, Bank Tower, 351 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Tel: 852.22310000

How do I pay with Bitcoins?
During the checkout process, after entering your details you will be presented with the option to pay with Bitcoins via our shopping cart.
What exchange rate does PettaMiner use?
We use a consolidated exchange rate taken from multiple exchanges to provide customers with a Bitcoin Best Bid (BBB) exchange rate worldwide weighted average.
Can I pay for my order with a combination of Bitcoins and wire transfer?
Due to the complexities of processing orders in which payment is split between wire transfer and Bitcoin, we no longer accept orders of this type. If you are unable to place an order with either one or the other payment method, please contact customer support.
Can I pay in installments?
We do not currently accept payment in installments. Payment must be made in full within seven business days of placing your order.
Where can I get Bitcoins? is a great site to exchange Bitcoin worldwide.
Or in Asia, we always advice by using ANXPRO

Shipping & Order Topics

Do you ship to my country?
Yes, we provide FREE shipping worldwide, to all countries by International courier DHL/Fedex/Hong Kong Speedpost.
Can I pay a premium and take delivery sooner?
Orders are taken and fulfilled within each batch on a first-come-first-served basis. We do not offer a way to pay for a preferential position in each batch queue.
How do I create an account on store?
You need to place an order to make an account. During the checkout process you will be prompted to enter your details and an account will be automatically created.
I am interested in placing a large order. Do you offer any discounts?
If you wish to discuss volume sales please contact stating the specific nature of your inquiry and a representative will get in touch.

Specifications & Configuration Topics

What is the specification of the PettaMiner™ ASIC?
The PettaMiner™ is powered by 4 boards of PettaMiner™ proprietary ASICs, a 28nm chip with a nominal performance rating of 25GH/s (0.25TH/s).
Does the PettaMiner™ have built-in Wi-Fi?
The PettaMiner™ does not have a built-in Wi-Fi capability. It has a standard Ethernet port which connects via a standard RJ-45 Ethernet cable.
Do I need a faster internet connection when I operate a PettaMiner? How much bandwidth does the mining data consume?
If you have a typical broadband connection then you should not need to upgrade your internet speeds in order to mine. Mining with the PettaMiner does not use a significantly more data than a typical user consumes with their normal internet usage.
How can I protect my PettaMiner from hackers and other bad people on the Internet?
If your PettaMiner is connected to your local network then it is as secure as any other device on your network, dependent on the level of protection you have installed (e.g. behind a router or firewall.)
What mining software does the PettaMiner use?
The PettaMiner has a built-in controller card which runs an embedded version of CGminer.
Do I need to run mining software on my PC to control my PettaMiner?
No, the PettaMiner only needs the embedded CGminer in order to mine.
What operating system does the PettaMiner run?
The PettaMiner has a custom embedded build of Linux on its PettaMiner™ controller board.
Can I get SSH access to the PettaMiner? Can I root it?
Yes, it is possible to root the PettaMiner with SSH access. Please note that rooting the PettaMiner or modifying the embedded software in any way will invalidate your warranty.
Can I connect to any mining pool?
Yes, you can select any mining pool.
Do I have to use your mining pool?
No, you can join any mining pool(s), we do not restrict your pool choice.
Does the PettaMiner support the Stratum mining pool protocol?
Yes, the PettaMiner does support Stratum.
How do I configure my PettaMiner?
The PettaMiner User Guide is available to view and download here. Configuration is very straightforward: You connect to the PettaMiner’s Control Panel via a standard web browser (e.g. on a PC or Mac) connected to the same local network and enter your mining pool information in order to get started.
When I have configured my PettaMiner, what else do I need to do to get mining?
Once your PettaMiner is configured you can leave it connected to a permanent internet connection on your network. You do not need to remain connected to it from a browser/computer.
Do I need to connect a monitor, keyboard or mouse to my PettaMiner?
No, the PettaMiner is a standalone unit: Once it has been configured you only need to leave it connected to your network. No monitor or other peripherals are required.
I am not in the USA. Do you ship the PettaMiner with power cords for my country?
The PettaMiner ships with two standard power cords (IEC 60230-1 C13), commonly referred to as computer power cords with US-specification three-pin plugs. If you are located outside the USA and your outlets have a different socket configuration you will need to either use plug adapters, or obtain two standard 3-pin power cords (each rated at 10 amps or more.)
How much does the PettaMiner weigh?
The PettaMiner unit weighs ~19kgs and its shipping weight (including packaging) is ~20kgs.)”]
What is the form factor of the PettaMinercase?
The PettaMiner is designed to operate in a desktop (i.e. horizontal) position. It is supplied with four feet which attach to threaded holes on the bottom of the chassis.
Can the PettaMiner be mounted in a server rack?
Yes, by adding rack slides (rails) the PettaMiner can be mounted in a standard server cabinet which can accommodate 4U server chassis. Slides are screwed to the chassis and they mount to the rack. A regular 42U cabinet can accommodate 10 PettaMiners.
What is the specification of the power supplies in the PettaMiner?
The PettaMiner has 1 Power-One 80 PLUS certified Platinum efficiency power supplies. They have a wide input voltage range of 90-264 VAC. The normal operational range is 110v to 240v, so it will work at all the standard voltages around the world (110v, 120v, 220v, 230v and 240v). The datasheet for the power supplies can be found here.
What is the power consumption of the PettaMiner?
The PettaMiner consumes an estimated 1kWh (1000Wh) under normal operation.
How much noise does the PettaMiner make?
The fans vary their speed, and thus the amount of noise they make, depending on the temperature of the unit. When providing maximum cooling they can produce between 50dB and 65dB peak.
What is the operational temperature range for the PettaMiner?
The PettaMiner has an ambient operational range of 0°„-35°„ Celsius (32°„-95°„ Fahrenheit.)
What do I need to consider if operating my PettaMiner at home?
The PettaMiner should operate perfectly well under normal environmental conditions; however, as its powerful ASICs dissipate an estimated 1000W, in a warm climate you need to consider the surrounding ambient temperature.

You should also consider the same environmental factors that you would with a desktop computer, e.g. making sure that the fans do not get clogged with dust or pet dander to ensure optimal operation of the fans, keep the ambient (room) temperature between 0°„ and 35°„C (32°„-95°„F) and avoid a humid environment.

To calculate the amperage you should divide the estimated power consumption per power supply by your voltage. For example, in the USA at 110v it would be ~1050/110 = ~9.5 amps per power supply. In most of Europe the calculation at 230v would be ~1050/230 = ~4.56 amps per power supply. The circuits which you connect each power supply to should be able to deliver a minimum of these amperage values. If you have any other electrical equipment on the same circuit it should be factored into the calculation to ensure that you do not overload the circuits.

Customers in the United States with a 220V circuit (e.g. often installed for powering a washer/dryer) can connect the PettaMiner to it in order to reduce the amperage requirement.

As a safety precaution you should never connect your PettaMiner to an electrical power strip or extension cable which is not rated for at least 10 amps per power cable/cord.

I want to connect my PettaMiner to a UPS. What specification unit should I use?
If you wish to connect your PettaMiner to a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) you need to ensure that it is rated to take the power draw of the PettaMiner. UPS devices are usually rated in volt-amperes (VA), so you will need to check the specification of the UPS to ensure that it can accommodate the draw at your location. You may need two UPS units on two separate power circuits, depending on your location’s power circuit specification. We recommend a UPS which can handle at least 1100W per circuit.
Can I run my PettaMiner continuously?
The PettaMiner IV has been designed to operate 24 hours a day, provided it is located in a suitable operating environment.
What if I don’t want to locate my PettaMiner at home?
The optimal environment for optimal performance would be a data center, due to the air filtering, power conditioning, etc. You should be able to host your PettaMiner at any data center which hosts 4U servers.
My PettaMiner sometimes has difficulty connecting to the Eligius pool. Is there a solution?
If you are having trouble connecting to Eligius please try replacing the pool URL with

Customer Support

How long is the warranty?
The manufacturer’s warranty on a PettaMiner ordered on this website store is a standard 30 days for materials and workmanship, starting on the date of delivery receipt, and subject to the terms and conditions agreed to in the Consumer Sales Agreement which must be accepted during the checkout process.
Do you have technical support to help me set up my PettaMiner and start mining?
We will provide detailed setup instructions to our customers, and we also have a support team who will be happy to assist you with any setup questions you might have.
How can I contact customer support via email?
You can send support questions to and we will respond to them in the order in which they are received.
How can I contact customer support via telephone?
Our Hotline number is +852 9310 9560.
We have staff answering calls between 10am and 7pm HKT, and we take voicemails outside of these hours.
Always leave your name, number, order ID (if you have placed an order) and the nature of your inquiry.
We respond to voicemails in the order in which they are received.
You can send an email to instead of leaving a voicemail, if you prefer.
Can I submit customer support inquiries in languages other than English?
We strongly recommend that you submit your questions and inquiries to in English. Some members of the customer support team do understand other languages, and we will use translation software where possible to understand your questions submitted in other languages, but we always respond in English.
If I telephone the customer support number, can you speak languages other than English?
Our customer support team only receives calls in English & Chinese. You may send support questions to in other languages subject to the limitations noted here.

Cloud Mining Related Topics

How are the payouts handled?
Unlike our competitors we don’t force you into a specific mining pool. There are some private and public mining pools. You can sign up for any public mining pool through the pool’s website. Every pool has its advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a table of comparison.

•We normally suggest customer uses Eligius Mining pool – , but you could still provide your other Pool Mining URL and Port (e.g. BTCGuild, etc), FYI, if you use Eligius, no worker or password are needed for mining, just provide us your Bitcoin address, like 17JkL94B2ngJg4QQZuiozDQjnxXB6B7yTc

Once you choose the pool or the pools you want to work with they’ll provide you with logging information that you’ll include in the dashboard we’ll set up for you. With a single contract you can aim the hashing power to different pools.

Please copy and paste the below information when ordering to us:
Chose Eligius Mining pool : YES/NO
Bitcoin Address :
If other mining Pool is chosen…..
Mining pool’s URL and port. :
Worker username :
Worker password :

Every pool has their fees and policies. Payouts are handled by the mining pools. Some pools charge you a fee that goes from 0 – 3.5%.

We like to give our customers the freedom to choose their mining pools.

How many Bitcoins will I get? What is my expected return on investment?
Bitcoin Mining depends highly on the prices and difficulties of the coins you mine!

Here is a concrete example:
By the time of updated writing (18.7.2014) the daily profit of Bitcoin for 1Th/s is 19 USD per day. The costs for a one year Mining Contract with the ownership of the miner is 5,999 USD. Assuming a constant price and difficulty you would already break even after 5999/19 = 315 days and would have the rest of life of the miner is the pure profit! It is important to note that the difficulty as well as the price will in fact vary a lot. They can go up or down. Although the difficulty will likely increase people who are bullish on crypto currencies expect higher prices which will increase the profitability even more.

How fast will I start mining?
Mining session will be started within 7 days after paid if PAID BY BITCOIN or Bank Wired Transfer.
Mining session will be started within 20 days after paid if PAID BY PAYPAL or CREDITCARD. Before your mining contract starts, you’ll receive email with the time schedule, so please reply the mail providing your pool & worker information.
Can I extend my contract?
Yes, you can always add new contracts to your account (if available).
How long have you been operating for?
We’ve been privately mining since 2011, but start from 2012 decided to offer mining services to the public.
Do you have minimum or maximum order?
You can place your order with any quantity available from 1Th/s to 100TH/s.
Why don’t you mine and keep the profits? Can you explain your business model?
With the contract fees we invest in brand new hardware (we are building hardware everyday). You’ll mine for the duration of the contract (from 1 day trial to year plan) and we’ll mine for ourselves or resell the hashing power after your contract expires. It’s a win win business model.
Where is your mining farm located?
For security concerns we do not disclose the exact location of our mining farms. As of July 2014 we operate three farms, that are located, 2 farms in Hong Kong, 1 in China. Electricity and availability of cooling are important (but not the only) criteria.
What coins do I mine?
You will be able to mine various Bitcoin/Altcoins you desire starting with Bitcoin and other SHA-256 Coin! FYI, here is the list of all SHA-256 @ 2014 April : –
Bitcoin(BTC), amkoin(AMK), arkhash(ARK), AsicCoin(ASC), battlecoin(BCX), ben(BEN), Betacoin(BET), bonuscoin(BNS), bitpeso(BTP), coin2(C2), cryptoeagle(CREA), continuumcoin(CTM), dem(DEM), devcoin(DVC), ferengicoin(FER), FireFlyCoin(FFC), freicoin(FRC), fastcoinsha(FSS), hongkongcoin(HKC), IXCoin(IXC), cryptoloot(LOOT), mazacoin(MZC), Namecoin(NMC), orobit(ORO), OpenSourceCoin(OSC), pmc(PMC), PPCoin(PPC), ptcoin(PT), pwnycoin(PWNY), scotcoin(SCOT), shacoinnew(SHA), speedcoin(SPC), STLcoin(STL), takicoin(TAK), teacoin(TEA), Tekcoin(TEK), Tigercoin(TGC), terracoin(TRC), unbreakablecoin(UNB), Unobtanium(UNO), version(V), wearesatoshi(WAS), Joulecoin(XJO), creds(XXC), Zetacoin(ZET), zimstake(ZS).
How can I reach you if I have further questions?
Customer support is our highest priority! We know how important it is for a potential investor to find answers to his yet unanswered questions, as making decisions is not only about having a good gut feeling but also about understanding the business concept in its very detail and entirety. Therefore, please contact us any time by clicking the realtime receptionist chat icon at bottom right corner or email at and we get back to you shortly. We hope to hear from you.
I don’t have any experience in mining bitcoin, can I use your services?
Our support team is available 24/7 (via online chat system) and will guide you in every part of the mining work.


How many Bitcoins can a PettaMiner make per day/week/month?
We do not make predictions or offer indications of how many Bitcoins can be produced per day / week / month, as the fundamentals of Bitcoin mining means that it is not accurately predictable. Many variables will continuously affect the potential return on investment of Bitcoin mining, such as total hash power on the network, difficulty, operating costs (electricity, equipment),mining pool fees, and of course the market value of Bitcoins.
Why should I join a mining pool?
When you join a mining pool, the frequency of successfully mining Bitcoins increases significantly and this is why the vast majority of people choose to join a pool and everybody in that pool shares the rewards.
I’m new to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. How can I learn more?
A few of the sites which we suggest you begin your research into the Bitcoin ecosystem are: A great resource for people new to Bitcoin. Useful information and tools for getting started. Popular Bitcoin news site which is more mainstream than most. A wiki all about Bitcoin The most popular Bitcoin-related magazine. Extensive Bitcoin information and news.
(Please note that PettaMiner does not endorse any of these sites. They are suggested purely for informational purposes only.)
Can the PettaMiner mine other SHA-256 coins such as PeerCoin?
Yes, you can mine any coin based on SHA-256, which is the same protocol at Bitcoin. You can view a list of SHA-256 coins at CoinChoose by clicking on °ÆAlgo°Ø to sort the list.
Can the PettaMiner mine Scrypt coins such as LiteCoin?
No, the PettaMiner is custom-designed to mine only SHA-256 Bitcoin compatible cryptocurrencies. It does not mine LiteCoin (LTC) or other scrypt-based coins.
Are you planning on releasing a miner to mine scrypt coins?
We have not made any announcements regarding a scrypt mining product at this time.


Who is PettaMiner?
PettaMiner™ is an ambitious, fast growing software and hardware engineering company focused on delivering high quality and reliable Bitcoin / SHA-256 mining hardwares.

PettaMiner™ provide everyone with the possibility to generate and “mine” bitcoins from their home or warehouse. But not just bitcoins, with our miners you can mine more than 50% of the digital currencies (SHA-256) on the market. And all of those currencies, convert into dollars via exchanges or your bitcoin wallet.

Our development team have a hands on approach and a proven track record of generating and implementing solutions. We undertake a variety of projects which helps us creating a rewarding place for our family of developers while delivering fair profits to the company.

As of June 2014 we operate three cloud mining farms, that are located, 2 farms in Hong Kong, 1 in China.

You’re not the first 28nm chip available. How will you compare to your competitors?
Our strategy has always been to design the very best chip that is possible in the 28nm process node. Our competitors’ strategy was focused on racing to market and in that respect it has been successful they will ship first, and we won’t. Put simply, there’s a trade-off that is made in order to launch quickly, and they have sacrificed performance and efficient power consumption to enable them to hit their release date. They have said that if they had more time they would have made a better chip. Well, we spent more time, and we did design a better chip!
I’ve been burned giving money to other Bitcoin mining manufacturers. Can you be trusted?
Only you can make that determination. We strongly recommend that you look on our website at the people behind PettaMiner, use your favorite search engine to do some research on the company and its management team and then make up your mind based on their individual track records and PettaMiner’s reputation in the Bitcoin mining community.
I’m interested in employment opportunities at PettaMiner. Do you have any open positions?
We post all open positions on our website here.

Please note that all PettaMiner staff are located in Hong Kong & Shenzhen. We do not have any telecommuting openings. No employment agencies, please.