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“The Fastest & Lowest Power Consumption Bitcoin Miners!”


Instant Ready

We keep over 200 miners on Hand! We ship worldwide with no extra charge by DHL.


PettaMiner™ is the most powerful high-performance Bitcoin mining hardware on the market today.

Plug & Play Setting

All PettaMiner is built-in CGMiner Software that is the most simple console.

Electricity Efficient

PettaMiner™ with approx 1W/GH Power efficiency, allowing it to achieve an incredible 1Th/s at only 1000W.

24/7 Services

24/7 Excellent Customer Service Chat Online.

5 Days Cooling Period

Buyer can cancel order and receive a full refund within 5 days upon paying the order, no questions asked.

Not Just Bitcoin

PettaMiner™ supports mining for all cryptocurrencies in SHA-256 Hash Algorithm, like Namecoin, Peercoin, PPCoin, Devcoin, Terracoin, Ixcoin, Freicoin, Takicoin, etc.

Paypal Creditcard Accepted

You could pay the order by Paypal or creditcard in Paypal platform.

We accept Bitcoins

If you have Bitcoins, just use it! Simple with no charge!

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